In today’s modern era there are several channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers. With all these possibilities, you may find yourself asking the same question so many other businesses have: Which marketing strategies are best for my business? Should I focus on social media? Or should I focus on driving traffic with online advertising? What about print ads?

The simple answer? All of the above. Consumers are shopping across multiple channels. Now, more than ever before, they have access to more information and rely on their social peers for recommendations before making a purchase. Using multiple channels to reach customers, also known as multi-channel marketing, maximizes the effectiveness and extends the reach of your campaigns.

Knowing all of this valuable marketing information, led us to team up with Louisville Magazine and to create the “Digital Marketing Starter Kit” a strategic package of digital and print advertising channels specifically designed to attract new customers.

When you sign up for the package you’ll receive an immediate presence on social media and ad space in Louisville Magazine. You will also have two options to promote your business on Plus, you’ll get big bang for your buck with our attractive introductory offer.

Interested? Learn more about what you get when you sign up for our Digital Marketing Starter Kit.
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