Latest Facebook update
not necessarily “Liked”.

Facebook recently made some alterations to their News Feed algorithm that may subsequently affect marketers and brands. Users now have the option to choose who they want to see first on their Timeline, also referred to as their Homepage. A feature that has been re-vamped and enlisted in this new update from Facebook is the option to un-follow other users’ posts without un-friending them. This ultimately means that marketers will no longer have a clear idea who is actually following their page. But it could also shed some light on what they need to do differently in order to maintain their followers and to reach new customers, whether it’s posting branded photos or promoting peer-to-peer sharing of content. A third feature Facebook has introduced is the option for users to discover new brand pages by altering their Preferences. This is useful for advertisements or sponsored pages for businesses, as well as for users seeking out new brands.Facebook continues to give users more control over what type of advertisements or brand posts they see, whether by user choice or by brand successful targeting. The average Facebook user may have seen 1,500 potential stories from pages and friends each time they signed in with the previous algorithm. Users will now see about 300 stories – more of what they want to read and less promotional content.

Gone are the days of mass campaigns. We are now in the age of personalized and targeted marketing. Now that is something we can “follow”!

“It’s all about great stories. It’s a tall order, but if you’re looking to create a true mark and to get people to remark about everything that you’re doing, you only have one major mission when it comes to marketing yourself and the business that you represent: Go out there and create some great stories.”

“Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life.
Your Future Depends on It. ” ~ Mitch Joel

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