It’s true; human beings are naturally attracted to a hero figure. By definition “a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. Heroes protect us from harm. We award heroes for incredible acts of bravery, for example individuals in the military, firefighting, and police work. In the world of sports heroes thrill fans of all sports by displaying amazing athletic achievements. Then there is the wide collection of fictional superheroes that always seem to save the day. Of course we publicly recognize everyday heroes such as parents, teachers, and anyone else who has gone above and beyond to make someone’s life better.

People are drawn to heroes because they like to witness a happy ending after a conflict or struggle. That’s why just about every good story includes a hero.

Identifying the hero in a brand story is an important step, but not always a simple task. Ask yourself this question: should the hero be the business or person who provides the solution or should the customer be recognized as the hero since he/she made the wise decision to make the purchase?

Keep in mind, we now live in a customer-centric world where the buyer dictates the terms of a purchase. Throughout all phases of the customer journey the primary goal is to deliver an amazing customer experience. If you’ve successfully earned the opportunity to make a sale then chances are you are now regarded as a Trusted Advisor. As a Trusted Advisor your role is to always help the customer make the best decision. It would be easy to make the Trusted Advisor the hero but, if the end goal is to guide your customers to become word-of-mouth advocates of your business consider treating them as the hero.

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