It doesn’t matter what stories you have heard or what stories you have told they all had to start somewhere. There are many important parts to a good story and the way you start a story defines the way it will develop and who will listen to it. Have you ever listened intently to a story that didn’t first interest you? If those fishermen didn’t start out with the size of their latest catch would you have listened as closely to their story?

The point is every story needs a strong start in order to attract listeners, AKA an audience. Now if you already have a business, what was the first big leap you took to start that wonderful journey? If you are just starting out what big push are you going to give yourself to create a story that is worth telling? If you are able to find where your story begins, you will be able to shape the rest of it, including the ending.

So how do you find the best starting point for your story?
First you must know where you are currently at, ask yourself, are you in the middle of your own story? Are just starting your story? Or are you writing your conclusion? Once you know which perspective you are telling the story from it should be easier to find out how you started out. Think back to the early days of your business, when was the first time you had the idea? When did you finally act on the idea? Or when you realized I can actually do this full time and make money? Every successful business has a good story and most of those stories start way before the business is considered successful.

No matter how many stories you tell make sure you always remember, every good story has to start somewhere. If you start in the right place the rest of your story will be easy to tell. Good luck finding the right “once upon a time” moment to tell your story, and we are always up for hearing a good story so if you want to share leave us a comment.

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