Brand Spanking New

Marketing guru, Seth Godin says it best: “A brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much.” In other words, unless you can truly differentiate your business from your competitors then your brand is not unique. Same thing goes for a mission statement. If your statement includes broad and generic claims such as “to offer the best product..” or “the best customer service..” then you don’t really have a true mission statement. In order to separate your business from your competitors your challenge (opportunity) is to discover your unique offerings – or what we call your unique story.

One of our clients, A. Arnold World Class Relocation, recently launched a new mission statement that we think is absolutely fantastic. The mission statement is: “Be Good. Have Fun.” That’s it. The phrase is refreshingly simple and quickly catching on with all employees because of its simplicity and its positive message: Be good at what you do..and enjoy life. What more could you ask for?

Take a moment to review your brand and your mission statement and ask yourself these questions:

• Are the statement(s) truly unique?
• Do they both support the same goals and objectives?
• Should you consider combining your brand and mission statement into one statement?
• Will your employees embrace your statement?

Determining a unique brand is not always a simple process. It can take time and effort. If your brand isn’t discovered immediately don’t feel pressured into settling on a generic statement. You’re better off without one versus publicizing a brand statement that could be used for just about any business.

You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.
~ Martha Graham
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