We’re all familiar with traditional case studies, testimonials, and white papers. Just about every marketing strategy includes creating a series of articles that describe examples of how a customer’s problem was addressed and resolved. As Brand Storytellers we call these proof-of-performance narratives Customer Success Stories. They do a great job helping to build brand awareness, trust, and earning the opportunity to start a conversation with a prospect.

But customer success stories can also play an important role in building your culture’s internal brand. After all, you couldn’t have a success story without your employees. So, why not use the opportunity provided by the achievement to recognize the people who played a vital part in the story? Celebrating a customer success story internally is a simple way to acknowledge the completion of a good job while inspiring your staff to look for other opportunities to go above and beyond to serve a customer.

In order to build a successful brand, it’s important to create an internal culture of employees who totally buy in on your brand position. Great customer service starts with employees who are happy and feel like they are important members of the company. Simply put, you can’t care about customers if you don’t care about the people who interact with and serve them.

Here are a few ways to recognize your staff for achieving a success story:

  • Celebrate the accomplishment at a regular group meeting by sharing the story and acknowledging the person or team with a simple round of applause, or special award, or any other sign of appreciation.
  • Ask the company president or CEO to share a personal “thank you” either in person or sending a note, or even a brief video.
  • Post a brief narrative of the success story via Internal communications channels with a congratulatory message.
  • Share the success story on the company social media channels and encourage fellow employees to respond to the post with accolades.
  • Share success stories with new employees – making it a part of the initial orientation process.

    It’s amazing how much can be achieved in culture brand building by simply making your employees feel valued and appreciated. Customer success is based on culture success.
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