Building Your Brand Starts by Building Trust

The social media revolution has arguably provided us with the most immediate marketing tool ever created. It is easier than ever to send information about your business straight to the palm of the people you are trying to reach. But in an age where one tweet can build brand loyalty or destroy it, how do you know if your social marketing message is effective?

Consumers today have effectively learned how to block or avoid all advertisements for products or services they do not care about or trust. They close pop-up ads the moment it appears, click the “skip” option on a YouTube ad as soon as they can, and scroll right passed sponsored tweets. But fear not; there is a way to redeem social marketing and use it in a way that benefits both businesses and consumers.

Sharing your business’ content with consumers is the easiest and most direct approach to social marketing. However, it is only a fraction of what your business must do in order to build trust with the consumers you are trying to reach. To have a truly effective marketing strategy, you should encourage your audience to share your content online with their peers.

Ryan Goff, senior vice president and director of social media at MGH Modern Marketing, an integrated Marketing and Communications agency, explains this by saying: “When clothing companies encourage customers to share photos of themselves wearing certain items with a branded hashtag, consumers think, ‘Here’s a picture of a woman or man just like me, wearing this product, and they love it so much they’ve decided to share that image on Instagram.’ When it’s a photo of a model wearing the same item in a banner ad, the effect is totally different. People will always trust their friends, or simply fellow consumers, more than they trust brands.”

One of the first things any business can do to build trust with their customers is to simply start a conversation. Give people something relevant to talk about and a hashtag (#) to use. Once the conversation has started, don’t shy away from engaging with your consumers. Retweet, reply, and favorite tweets. Share and comment on Facebook. People love to have their content shared online just as much as businesses. Engaging consumers and starting conversations is a great way to build trust while building your brand.

“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication”
– Stephen Covey
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