Simple Steps to Ensure Your Story Is Being Seen

At Alexander + Hughes, we know how important search engine optimization is in order to get your website’s content noticed online. But what about that specific story you want everyone to see? Or that post with the graphic that you know could go viral? Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure your post is seen by following these four steps.

#1 The first step that is often overlooked is making sure that your story has a strong headline.
Even if your story is one of the first results found in a web search, it could be ignored because the headline isn’t appealing. For example, if a consumer were to Google “Halloween desserts,” which would be the more intriguing link: the one with a generic title reading Halloween Themed Desserts or the one that immediately grabs the reader’s attention with Seven Spooky & Tasty Halloween Treats?

#2 Always use relevant keywords or phrases to focus on each piece of content.
The easiest way to make sure your story will be seen is to use relevant keywords and phrases as much as possible throughout your piece. Using the Seven Spooky & Tasty Halloween Treats example you could include the phrases “Halloween treats,” “spooky treats,” “scary snacks,” and other related keywords as often as possible. This organic strategy is designed to build the relevance factor of your story in search engine results. Additionally, it also serves to maximize the story’s opportunity to stay top-of-mind with the reader.

#3 Add relevant text to all content, even multimedia.
Search engines recognize relevant content from your website even if it isn’t included in the text of your post. There is always room to add more relevant keywords. Let’s say you inserted a picture of cookies that look like ghosts into your article. You may not realize it, but simply changing the title of the picture from “IMG_34628? to “halloween cookies” can improve the story’s relevance and increase the number of search results for that article.

#4 Lastly, and possibly most importantly, promote social engagement.
Social media is one of the quickest ways to ensure that your story is being seen. Does your business have a Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ account? Be sure to share your new post on all of your social media pages. Also, encourage your readers to share your post on their page. Incorporate share buttons on your webpages that display how many times a link has been shared. Not only does this increase your story’s rank in a search results, but also it improves the chance that friends of your readers will also organically see it. Using a strong headline, relevant keywords, appropriate multimedia, and promoting social engagement are the best ways to consistently reach your target audience. Whether you are sharing insider business tips or Halloween dessert ideas, these four simple steps are the easiest ways to ensure that your story is being seen.

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ~ Jack Kerouac