You start to tell a story in front of an eager group although you’re not quite sure where your story is going to go. You may have a rough idea of the structure of the story but as you share it you find yourself shifting your direction based on your audience’s reactions. Marketing can work the same way, particularly in today’s world where information is instantly being shared on an ongoing basis.

There’s even a term that has been established for these rapid launch campaigns. It’s called “lean marketing”, a strategy based on quickly producing and delivering engaging content to meet the demand of the customer on-the-go. Lean marketing requires marketers to rely on their instincts to share content in less time and using fewer resources. The strategy may not be perfect from the start but if the content is relevant you can immediately reach and begin to nurture your target audience. Once the audience is engaged then you can fine tune the story as the campaign progresses.

Lean marketing can be risky… but to compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced world you need to be willing to take intelligent leaps of faith to keep your story fresh.

“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.”
~ Henry David Thoreau
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